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    Culture Weddings

Culture Weddings


Culture Weddings provides catering services to all over India. A culinary expert with experience in managing national-level food chains, Culture Weddings brings vast organizational experience to the table. Food being their primary forte, Culture Weddings specializes in providing a custom-made dining experience for your taste.  You can Count on the Culture Weddings team to serve you that dish you saw online straight to your wedding gala.


Technologies Used 

Some of the technologies we used for creating this website are – 

  • Laravel framework 
  • Bootstrap 
  • MySQL 
  • HTML 
  • PHP 
  • CSS 


Pages Included 

These are the following list of pages which is included in Culture Weddings– 

Front-end section: 

  • About 
  • Contact 
  • Gallery 
  • Projects
  • Team

Admin section: 

  • Contact Form


Features - 

These are the following list of features which is included in Culture Weddings– 

1. Laravel – PHP Framework 
• The application will be developed on the - Laravel – PHP Framework.
• Laravel is the most secure and fastest framework available today
2. Full Re-designed of the frontend
• The front end will be completely rebuilt by using client purchased template.
3. Web hosting configuration
• Any hosting purchased by the client does require configurations and 
optimizations for the best results.
4. Google Business Registration
• We will register a google business profile that will help to improve google 
search results and ranking
• It will also help immensely to reach to more people more quickly.
5. Google Search Console
• The google search is an equipment used by the IT department to improve and 
monitor the search results and to reach to the targeted audience.
6. SEO
• The basic and starting SEO configuration will be done to start the basic SEO 
• SEO auto-updating for better results on searches
7. 1-Year Maintenance
• Mavask Private Limited provide website development service along with 1 
year of maintenance for better support. For example:-
o Slow speed of the website
o Making small changes
o Small customization