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GlampOWheel is a caravan rental service provider company. It is designed in a way that any traveller or road tripper can hire and take it to any place across India without the need to book a Hotel or Resort for stay and food. It is developed in a way to keep in mind the comfort and necessities of travellers. It is designed to provide a GLAMPING experience to all our esteemed travellers. We have made this website using the latest version of Laravel. This website gives each and every user a homely feeling and is user-friendly as well.


Technologies Used

Some of the technologies we used for creating this website are –

  • Laravel framework
  • Bootstrap
  •  MySQL
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS


Pages Included

These are the following list of pages which is included in GlampOWheel –

· Front-end section:

  •  About
  •  Contact
  •  Gallery
  •  Single Gallery
  •  Book Now
  •  Enquiry
  •  Terms and conditions
  •  Privacy policy
  •  Amenities
  •  Pricing and payment
  •  Cancellation and refund
  •  All Blogs
  •  Single blog
  •  Newsletter

· Admin section:

  •  Admin Dashboard
  •  User Dashboard
  •  Login system according to the roles
  •  User profile
  •  Admin profile
  •  Booking details
  •  Invoice
  •  All subscribers
  •  All contacts
  •  Transaction details
  •  Create, Update, and Delete options for creating pages


Features -

These are the following list of features which is included in GlampOWheel –

  • SEO friendly
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • 1-year free maintenance
  • Dynamic pages
  • Easy modification
  • Hosting
  • E-mail integration
  • SSL integration