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    Nutrition and You

Nutrition and You


Nutrition and You provides nutritional diet designs and delivers personalized meal plans based on an individual's dietary needs and goals. They may offer a variety of options such as weight loss diet plans, athletic performance diet plans, Indian keto diet plans, pregnancy-diet plans, vegan diets, and disease-specific plans. They may also provide support to help clients make sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.


Technologies Used

Some of the technologies we used for creating this website are –

· Laravel framework

· Bootstrap






Pages Included

The following list of pages is in Nutrition and You-

· Front-end section:

o About

o Contact

o Appointment

o Terms and conditions

o Privacy policy

o Newsletter

· Admin section:

o Admin Dashboard

o User Dashboard

o Login system according to the roles

o User profile

o Admin profile

o Appointment details

o All subscribers

o All contacts

o Create, Update, and Delete options for creating pages


Features -

These are the following list of features which is included in Nutrition and You–

· SEO friendly

· 1-year free maintenance

· Dynamic pages

· Easy modification

· Hosting

· E-mail integration

· SSL integration