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    Shakti Mahila Sangh

Shakti Mahila Sangh


Shakti Mahila Sangh is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to women for their careers that dedicates its resources and efforts to helping women pursue their professional goals. This can include providing financial assistance for education and training, offering mentorship and networking opportunities, and advocating for policies that support women in the workforce. 


Technologies Used 

Some of the technologies we used for creating this website are – 

Laravel framework 







Pages Included 

These are the following list of pages which is included in Shakti Mahila Sangh– 

Front-end section: 




Event Gallery 

Reports and Certificates

All News

News Description



Admin section: 

Admin Dashboard 

Admin profile 

Complete CMS

Create, Update, and Delete options for all pages 


Features - 

These are the following list of features which is included in Shakti Mahila Sangh– 

1. Laravel – PHP Framework 
• The application will be developed on the - Laravel – PHP Framework.
• Laravel is the most secure and fastest framework available today
2. Full Re-designed of the frontend
• The front end will be completely rebuilt by using client purchased template.
3. Logo Re-newel of the LOGO 
• A new logo will be designed to fit the new and updated designee of the 
4. Full Page CMS
• The User will be able to modify, customize and change the content of pages 
visible to the customer.
5. Login System
• User will be able to log in and manage to add new content (such as reports).
• Admins can monitor their employees.
• Multi Role Login system.
6. 2-factor Verification
• This feature gives security at the time of login – After entering login id & 
password the user will be requested to enter OTP. The login process will only 
be successful only when the correct OTP is entered.
7. Full Management Admin Panel
• All pages will be able to customize by the admin panel
• All requested features such as Report Uploading will be available
• Multi role admin panel
8. Newsletter system
• Subscribed Users will receive updates on all the updated and events 
(information provided by admin or assigned users)
9. SMS
• Sending in Bunch for providing any information to any user present in 
10. WhatsApp messaging system
• Sending WhatsApp messages to all employees.
11. Gallery
• A more attractive and sophisticated gallery page so that user can know and 
understand about SMSCS more easily.
• All images will have tags to improve the SEO.
12. Gallery management by admin panel
13. Donation
• payment gateway for accepting donations
• the user will be able to manually enter the amount they want to donate and 
then make the payment for any desired options.
• All donations reciting for both user and admin also.
• All transaction records.
14. Web hosting configuration
• Any hosting purchased by the client dose require configurations and 
optimizations for the best results.
15. Google Business Registration
• We will register a google business profile that will help to improve google 
search results and ranking
• It will also help immensely to reach to more people more quickly.
16. Google Search Console
• The google search is a equipment used by the IT department to improve and 
monitor the search results and to reach to the targeted audience.
17. SEO
• The basic and starting SEO configuration will be done to start the basic SEO 
• SEO auto updating for better results on searches
18. Report Management
• User can easily access report present on website
• Admins can easily update, modify, and view reports present on website
19. Report View/download options
• User can view and download reports present on website.
20. Career Management
• Admins can see any query related to career form who wants to join SMSCS.
21. 1 Year Maintenance
• Mavask Private Limited provide website development service along with 1 
year of maintenance for better support. For example:-
o Slow speed of website
o Making small changes
o Small customization
22. Interconnection between then sites
• This feature connects all your website with each other so that user can go 
through your any website without searching it in any web browser.
• All your websites will be presented in your website so that the user can get to 
know your other.
23. All professional emails for employees
• Employees will have their own company’s email Ids. For example: 
[email protected]
24. Showcasing financial supporters
• Making financial page of all those banks who provide funds for your support
25. Dedicated Financial Supporter Pages
• Page for showing information supporters such as SBI.
26. Success Stories
• Showcasing success stories of all those females who gets support from 
SMSCS and how they were able to get success in their life. 
27. Linking social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook)